Thursday, December 30, 2010

Round and round and round we go...

Last night I went to a pub for the first time. Mary and I walked in and felt extremely awkward as we had no idea what we were doing. I had one cider and felt like a complete rebel, needless to say I had some trouble relaxing in a setting like that.

We were met by our friend Chelsea who has been away for the past year galavanting in Australia, she gave us a report on her travels and we giggled away at some rather hilarious experiences.

All the while there were this table of guys sitting across from us, I had complete view and it turns out I knew them from school. They were two years older than me but I remembered them rather vividly as I had dorky school girl crushes on two of them.

As we were paying our tabs (so weird!) one of them got up with his sleeve of beer in tow and started to talk to us. The typical "Hey ladies" conversation started up and he asked us what we were all doing later. Chelsea and her two friends were going to the Garage for a concert, unfortunately I had to skip this one and told him I was going home. I'm not 100% sure what his intentions were but he didn't give up until Mary gave him the "devil eyes" and he raised his hands in defeat and went back to his bosum buddies.

Whenever a situation like that happens I always wonder what the outcome would of been if I wasn't a Christian girl. The society we live in typically views me as a prude because of the fact that I went home whereas on the other hand I would be viewed as a slut because I decided to hangout with these boys. What I hate is that in my own mind I wanted to stay and "have fun" but does being a Christian deprive you of having "fun?" Or does it just mean we are having fun and enjoying ourselves in a way that the secular world just doesn't comprehend? I'm still battling with that one myself.

As for now you can refer to me as Amy, the local prude. And frankly if Jesus is alright with that, than Jesus is alright with me.

Monday, December 20, 2010

What a fine life we are living....

So this has turned into a music review blog and I am perfectly OK with that.

Last night I embarked on another epic music adventure to see SAID THE WHALE. Peter Gardener from Forestry opened and stole my heart and peered right into the depths of my soul with his insightful lyrics that hit home and tingled every nerve in my body. For his first solo performance I was thoroughly impressed and agree with the quote "If he had Cd's I'd buy twelve" mentioned by Jake Giles.

Peter's songs were the desires of my heart put to a melody. I envy the fact that he wrote those words before I could. It was truly touching and if you ever have an opportunity to witness this man in action you should. His voice may not be the greatest on record but he makes up for it with genuine interest and gumption.

Said the whale was perfectly fantastic as I expected them to be, we got front row seats and I could smell Tyler Bancroft as he wailed on his silver sparkly guitar. After many an awesome song, a bucketful of horrid jokes, and an impromptu dance sesh to "Camilo" we received two encore songs, one of them to be "Curse of the Currents" which happens to be one of my favourite songs. Ben took the reigns on this one and just strum and sang in the most natural way. I took up the invitation to sing along and had eye contact with Ben for a few cherished minutes as we sang our "duet." He smiled and I knew that this would be stored in my memory bank under "life defining moments"

We got our Cd's signed and had a nice chat with the boys before we ended our evening, I cannot put to words how grateful I am that we can experience these songs in a venue like the one we have, in our little cow poke town. I cherish it immensely.

The future belongs to me, and I belong to you.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

I used to be so young, how did I get so old?

So basically my birthday was the best thing ever, I cannot even put to words right now for there were so many golden moments and my mind is just overloading. Singing with Dan Mangan was basically the coolest. This is a video of the song

We weren't as good as this, but in my heart we were definitely better.
Thanks to all of you who made this night possible, and for being there to relish in the glory with me.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

words to a melody...

Random song lyrics that I found in my notebook

This is where I start to sing my love song
make each line end with a simple rhyme
maybe that is how it goes
but there is something that I know,
that this ain't just another song
this is where I state what's wrong.
You say that you want honesty,
well honey you go first.
Cause I'm giving it my all for what it's worth.

So right here right now is all I'm asking for
Jump in with me don't stand there on the shore.
You're telling me to walk away when you're the one who taught me how.
So you go first, and we can go our separate ways.

And the days that follow they all seem the same,
stuck on repeat it plays on in my head.
And the words don't seem to come and so I sit with a bass drum
beating in my ears, and feeding all my fears.

This is where I have to change it up
use a metaphor that gets misconstrued.
You'll post it on your wall though you don't get it at all.
And it'll make you think of me and all that you wish to be.

Now this is where I need to end my song,
before it starts to drag on for too long.
All the words that I have said will get stuck in your head
and you can sing along each time you hear it, dance along cause you can feel it
Ending on a high note, cause you fell in love with the song that you just heard. <3

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Let the sound take you away...

So I don't know about you but music is something I can't live without. I was recently watching this show on Bravo called "Star Portraits" and you guessed it they paint famous people. Anyway, the lead singer of Blue Rodeo was on it and he mentioned something about how he can't understand people that don't love music. The people that don't know the words when you're on a road trip. That kind of thing. And frankly I have to agree.

I can't imagine what it would be like to hear a song and not feel anything. Some songs I can listen to over and over and that chill factor that you get never goes away. Just the lyrics themselves can bring a smile to my face.

On another note- the Duncan garage.
I have been privileged to see some of my favourite artists perform there over the years and hearing that song that you love live cannot be compared to anything that I can fathom. I think back on it and just smile.

This is one of those moments.. it's Aidan knight's knitting something nice for you, i have seen this performed live twice in my life and it sometimes brings me to tears when i listen to it, sheer gold right here. ( I can't get it to attach so the video is on the side for you just copy and paste it :) )

Sometimes you just gotta put those headphones on and slip into a music coma, existing purely in the beat of the drums, the twang of the guitar, and the epic harmonies of voices coming together as one

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The mean reds...

So if you know me at all, you know that Audrey Hepburn is kind of my idol. Not only was she extremely gorgeous and a style icon that is still influencing fashion today, but until the day she died she was also an ambassador for UNICEF. But I'm not here to talk about Audrey today. In her movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" there is a scene where Holly Go-lightly is about to go to Brazil with Jose but Frank meets her at the apartment as Holly is having a case of "the mean reds."

Now I know we've all been blue before and a little down, but The Mean Reds are just a step beyond, and I have to admit, I've got 'em. I have my good days and bad days but sometimes this gross red feeling just comes out of nowhere and I just can't see the light. It always passes but you can't ignore the fact that it may come up again.

Mean Reds 1
Amy 0

Monday, November 8, 2010

Hiking, or something like it...

The day was Friday and the rain was coming down, not pouring like most, but misting in way that only Vancouver Island can. Jamie and I were about to embark on an adventure new to the both us, the goal, tackle Maple Mountain. We were supposed to go with the boys cause they were going to "show us how to tackle a real mountain." Unfortunately a funeral kept them from taking us, but being the brave adventurers that we are, we figured we could do it ourselves. Now I didn't even know where this mountain was so you can tell I was in for a suprise. So I met up with Jamie and we made our way to Crofton! Driving along, we chatted about the things that girls do, boys. After a while we pulled over on the side of the road and parked, I let out a cheerful "let's do this!" and we started to gather our things for the hike. Jamie reached into the backseat and grabbed the red club to put on her steering wheel. Then a bloodcurdling cry rang out and she buried her head in shame. I asked what was wrong and she said, "I forgot the key." We hadn't even started our hike yet and disaster, Jamie had locked her steering wheel and didn't have they key to unlock it. Luckily I brought my cellphone, (Jamie hadn't) and we called her mom. Her mom was no help so we got her brother Ryan's number and called him and he said he'd get around to bringing the key sometime, so we decided to go on our hike.

We walked a little while and found a sign that said TRAIL, we did some research and found that there are coloured markers for the trails so we figured why not and ventured into the dense forest. We were walking up and down and around following the green little dots and after about an hour and a half realized we really weren't getting any higher. So we ventured back to a fork in the path and took the other way, ten minutes later Jamie yells "WHAT IS THAT!" in a questioning manner, and I look into the distance to see... a house?! Why would someone's house be on this mountain? Obviously we were slightly confused and decided to just give up and make our way back. After some other exploring we got back to the car, Ryan hadn't been there yet so we sat inside and watched good ol' breakfast club on my ipod, my phone began to ring so Jamie ran outside for better reception. Just as she made it back to the car Ryan greeted us with the key.

We made our way home with our tails between our legs feeling a little defeated, but eager to try again on another day.

Sometimes you do need a guy to show you how to climb a mountain.

Monday, November 1, 2010


So yesterday was probably my best Halloween, not that any one point was extremely fantastic but, when you put all the little moments together, it makes me step back and think This is good!

So after my epic church service I got invited to watch the boys football game, so Logan and Stew came to pick me up, wait for it, in a MINI COOPER! Now first of all I love Mini's and secondly, Stewart McWilliam, in a Mini, well I'm sure the visual explains itself. So we drive on down to McAdam Park, and Mary is there too! Which makes my day so much better. Unfortunately the guys lose, and after freezing my toes off (I was wearing my Toms) Logan takes me and Stew back to his house.

With the promise of warm soup ringing in our ears Stew and I collapse on the couch for a little R and R while Logan makes us... Mr Noodles. Ah well, it was rather appreciated nonetheless. After our delectable soup and a tour of Logan's gun collection (party!) we decorated Logan's front yard for trick or treaters.

Now I know some people really get into Halloween but Logan's family goes all out! They had spooky music, and a full size coffin which Logan hid inside. Stew and I pretended to be dead and got some good scares too. After that we made our way to the bonfire in Chemainus with all the other study kids. There were some laughs and such and then the fireworks! Also an impromtu visit from our local police. Apparently someone threw a dud firecracker into the fire though and after a while it exploded! First of all, it ricocheted off my hip (scariest thing ever!) then it hit the back of Logan's leg, apparently burning through his pants and burning his leg. I missed all the details cause this is when all us ladies decided to leave.

All five of us pile into Luney's car and start to embark on our trip home when Mr.Ryan Politano slams into the car! I screamed of course, and Marissa got out and chased him, he then decides he needs a ride home. So there are now four of us in the backseat, and Ryan is one of them. Let me say, I did not hate this experience :)

Finally I arrive at home, as I fumble with my keys I look down and see my Toms for the first time in the porchlight. Let's just say they are full of memories, and mud, and possibly cow poop.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

You are God above all, yet You call me your friend?

Hey there, so today instead of going to Cobble Hill baptist for my regular sunday morning service I went to City Gate Church with Marissa. The only details I knew was that Justin Croswell was going to be speaking, and that was enough for me! So of course I went, so as a group of us are sitting in the congregation Justin is invited to get up and explain why all us young folk are here this blessed sunday. Now like I said, I thought we were there strictly to see him talk, not to do anything. But turns out we were all to get up and pray with people who wanted prayer. Now I am not the most eloquent speaker, and putting that into prayer formation I get rather tongue tied. Luckily, Marissa and I were paired up and the Lord just flowed through us and we prayed for two ladies. Then an older lady sitting in the front row asked me to sit beside her and listen to her testimony. Now the elderly people always have a hold on my heart, especially when you can see their love for the Lord, needless to say, I cried. Frankly I bawled my eyes out circa Cassia Philippson 2009. Then it was testimony time where people get up and say something great God has done for them in the week and such. A man got up and said that on friday morning he was praying to God and just listening and the Lord kept saying something about Young people and in just two days a group of ten of us were there at his church. That really struck home with me as I was actually going to go to the Alliance church this morning and by God's will I ended up there. God is so cool sometimes and I love the fact that he calls me his own, and also his FRIEND!
Just saying, that's so rad!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Make straight the paths that crooked lie, Oh Lord before these feet of mine

Hello world, so my meeting went really well and I have decided to take (drumroll please) Medical Office Assistant, I know it sounds really lame but it's something practical to take to earn some money until I have funds to take some writing courses and maybe some teaching, we'll see. But it's a bonus because Marissa took the same course and she can help me out (for those of you who know marissa :P) anyways yeah. Today I'm hanging with Dad again, things have been going really well and I hope they continue to improve. Also the girls at study have really been praying for me and Allison and our relationship is getting so good too, she actually asked me if I wanted to get a place with her! So that's a really comforting feeling to know that she may like me again haha. Ultimate frisbee tonight, so stoked, cause it's all wet and gross out and it'll be a total gong show! Well that's the update for now, miss you guys
xoxo Yams

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Today I choose....

Hey everyone, so today I am having a meeting at VIU to sign up for some courses. I am scared out of my wits end and I have no idea why, I mean it's a class for goodness sakes, right? Well we'll see what happens on that, but on another note I was in the library yesterday and was looking through an old notebook from highschool. Sometimes I get these couplets that pop in my head and I write them down hoping to put them in to a poem or song later on. Well I found one yesterday and saw that I hadn't finished it yet... so I did :) I thought I would post it and I know it seems slightly depressing but we all have those days so don't be worried about my mental state or anything like that alright? Love you all so so much! And I'll fill you in on the school thing tomorrow <3

my black and white rules are fading to grey

no longer watching from the sidelines, but I still don't want to play

Not quite at zero but nowhere near a ten

trying to find the answers through the ink inside my pen

but the words they are not coming and there ain't no reason why

I feel the way I do, but the meaning is implied

searching for the things that used to bring me joy

eager for an ending to this tired ploy

days are fading into nights and nothing seems to change

I'm stuck inside this rut and getting out seems out of range

hopeless is an understatement and I'm feeling rather low

drowning all my sorrows in soy milk and whole grain cheerios

the answer to this problem is extremely hard to find

especially when the source seems to be all humankind

maybe if I end it I'll be in a better place

cause then I'll see my Maker, in all His glory, face to face

But this is not a death wish, nor a random work of art

for dying is too easy, and living on earth is the hard part.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Welcome to the start

Hey everyone, so this is my blog. I always thought about having a blog and have recently been reading friends and thought "why the heck not." So here it is, basically this is going to be about all the experiences in my life that I think are "good" or worthy of being told. It will keep you updated on things that I am doing, and hopefully, in my wording of said experiences, you can feel the same feelings I did. Comments are encouraged and I hope that this blog will shed some light on who I am and where I find joy. Much love to you all