Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The human condition...

... the heart is the bodies strongest muscle,

and the brain has more cells in it than our galaxy has stars...

- The life before her eyes (2007)

Monday, May 30, 2011

I cut my strings and went wandering...

Saturday was a roller coaster of a day for me to say the least.

It started with a an early morning road trip to Coombs with none other than my sister. Weird right? Well she texted me a few days previous and for some unknown reason decided she liked me enough to want to spend the day with me.

Arriving in the lil tourist town we ate some fantastic breaky, bought some Mexican sweaters, and chatted up the Wabi Sabi boys for a solid half hour (at least I did :P)

After exploring we decided to go down to Nanaimo to get our shop on. Highlight of this part of the day was finding two CD's that I had previously owned but lost for $20! Gotta love HMV. (These would happen to be The Strokes "Is this it" and Joni Mitchell "Hits")

The goal of the day was to be back in D-town before 4 (that just made me think of B44 that cheesy band from the '90s. Anyone?) so that Cass and I could check out the Kelsey Graduation, well it was about 1 o'clock when we left Nanaimo for home and I had just received a text that some buds of mine were going to play basketball and of course I couldn't refuse.

Allison dropped me off at Quam for a little 3 on 3 sesh and man was it good, I haven't played Ball since eleventh grade and I surprised myself that I could still get it in the basket from time to time, my free throws are rather marvey :p. We then decided to play soccer and this is where I made a mistake for as of right now I can still barely walk!

Cassia swooped by to pick me up and we made our way to the school. Frick I gotta admit people dressed up all pretty turns me into the biggest dweeb ever. I gush and awe over everyone and even tear up a little, I was a proud Mama Bear to my buddy Colleen who looked superbly gorgeous as she is normally a bit of a tomboy.

The highlight was seeing my boy Sam make his way down the red carpet as he really pulled it together to graduate on time and I am so proud!

Afterwards we went to the Filgate's for a BBQ and a lot of laughs! It was nice reconnecting with old friends and the burgers weren't half bad either.

On another note, don't play sports in sparkly toms for you will get blisters.

The end.


Friday, May 27, 2011

Stop the noise and make a sound.

Seeds- Hey Rosetta

I bought this CD about a month ago and have been loving it! Back when "Red heart" was all over the Zone I fell in love with Hey Rosetta. I downloaded a bunch of random songs and could not get enough of them! Songs such as "The Simplest thing", "Hospital Beds", and "Handshake the Gangster" are still flowing through my headphones daily.

So when I heard they had a new CD I couldn't resist, making my way over to Walmart (Devil Spawn!) I eagerly picked it up and took it home. "Welcome" has now become part of the Zone rotation and although this usually ruins a song for me I cannot get enough.

Two tracks that have really struck a chord with me though are #8 Seventeen and track #9 Yer Fall. Seventeen ends with the line "like a loose balloon I am lost and loving the view" and as a self-proclaimed writer this just sticks with me.

I think some of you can relate to this: you hear a lyric or read a sentence somewhere and something about it just fits. You make it your facebook status, scribble it on the cover of your notebook, think about maybe making it your first tattoo, whatever it is, it just works. That sentence does it for me.

Yer Fall is about love as per usual, in the liner notes after the lyrics they have a little description about each song, for this one it states "grow up, boy, hardly grown, grow hard. leave the 1990s and come on"

Alright so if you're looking for some new tunes I would say check this CD out, here's a little taste for you, another song I love titled "Bricks" a song that is simply about doubts.

Keep 'er classy and love everyone -- Amy

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I won't worry, it must be in my dreams....

What a week I have had my friends!

As most of you know I work as a cashier and the best part of my job is when highly attractive young men come through my checkout. Seriously. With it being May long weekend many of these young lads needed to buy their bare necessities for camping excursions and thus I had many interactions.

One that stuck out the most was the meeting of my future husband Patrick. We chatted it up for quite a while and then while I was serving his friends he still continued to butt in at any given moment, striving to keep my attention. Then they left to "discover new land" and left me wondering if I would ever see him again.

Thus, a missed connection. I hate these! You meet someone for a short period of time, some crazy mojo, hormonal, soul mate thing happens and then that's it. You are forever left wondering what if?

Earlier that week I had the pleasure of being invited over for dinner at a friends house, actually I was going to have dinner made for me by two guys. Needless to say I said yes! Unfortunately it didn't go the way I was hoping and although I had fun I felt like I had been let down just a little.

It seemed like nothing was going my way.

But what about when everything goes right? You take that little leap of faith and do something strictly on a whim and it actually works out.

I was crossing the street on my way to meet my Mom when a car full of good lookin hipsters turned into the 7-11 and I was like, hey why not? So I made my way into the corner store and bought myself an Arnold Palmer (best!) after paying for my drink I turned my head to check out these boys I decided to follow, it just so happened to be BEHIND SAPPHIRE!! Apparently they had played a free show at the high school earlier in the day and were now looking for some sweet slurpee refreshments. I said I was a big fan and loved their music and we chatted for a bit and then I left. As I went to cross the street I suddenly felt very crowded, turning around I saw the five of them standing behind me. Making a joke of what I had said earlier Grant said he wasn't stalking me, they were just wanting a better slurpee selection. We talked some more and then parted our ways and as the sun warmed my back I thought "THIS IS GOOD!"

On Sunday my pastor was away so I decided to go to my old church with my pal Cass. After a wonderful service we had a little date up good ol Mount T and just enjoyed the afternoon picnicking and singing songs.

Monday afternoon was spent with Mary and a surprise visit by JORDANA! I must admit I have a friend crush on this girl as she is rather rad. That night Mary, Cass and I went to Maple Bay beach and had a fire, reminiscing of friends past my heart was warmed at the thought that the three of us are going to be together for the long haul.

Last night at B-Stud we decided to go up Mount T again to hear Rae's testimony. I felt extremely blessed to be out in God's glory once again hearing of how great He really is. Another "This is Good" feeling overwhelmed me and I was rather taken aback at how blessed I am and how naive I am about it all.

Much love for the days to come- Amy

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

There's a reason that I love this town...

So if you were in Duncan yesterday you would have to agree that it was gorgeous out! Looks like Spring has finally appeared and is trying to stick around. Seriously though I love where I live sometimes. We are surrounded by so much green, lush, nature that I am constantly being reminded of God's glory and infinite beauty.

The day would not of been complete without a visit to the Corfield Cafe in the Duncan Garage so I went and ordered some lunch as per usual but this time instead of enjoying the atmosphere inside I took my meal to go.

Wandering around I decided to take a seat in this little park wedged between some buildings right down town. Now usually when you walk past there are homeless people scattered all around but today it was vacant and waiting for me.

While the sun warmed my back I finished my super delicious meal and made my way into the downtown core to read my book. After a while I started to feel rather lonely. I'm reading "Irresistible revolution" by Shane Clairborne (actually I finished it since I was outside for 4 hours!) and it talks a lot about community and I suddenly felt like I had none. But as I continued reading God reminded me of how I am never alone and that He is always with me. It was a blessed assurance.

Anyways God is good. The funniest thing is happening outside my window, on my Grandma's roof there is this silly crow strutting his stuff back and forth and back and forth. Cheep entertainment. Get it?Bad pun I know.

love you- Amy

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner....

Okay maybe not, but I have to admit I love myself a good hot dog. Now I'm going to give you 30 seconds to laugh and be immature and get all the phallic images out of your head because that is not where I'm going with this.

You done? Okay let us move on.

Yesterday there was a free BBQ at work and of course, hot dogs were on the menu. I being the hot dog lover I am couldn't help but indulge. Now all my vegan and veggie friends out there hate me for this but I can't help it. Thinking about the makings of a hot dog is rather disturbing but hey it tastes good!

When I was little my only means of cooking was to use the handy dandy microwave and thus I survived on these things! But after a few years and learning how to boil water my cooking skills have improved slightly and yesterday was good proof of that.

I went over to my buddy M's house after work where she decided to make us dinner. Is it just me or is something you created always taste just a tiny bit better? I didn't have a lot to do with the preparation but I felt proud nonetheless.

On a completely random note, I just looked out my kitchen window to see the middle school kids on a road run. Oh the memories... anyways I really just needed an excuse to use this photo that I found, resulting in this completely useless blog post.

Much love and ketchup-- Amy

Monday, May 9, 2011

On a more musical note...

...pun intended.

Just discovered this today and if you are a way cool hipster and already knew about this marvelous duo then I apologize for being so out of the loop, but Imma share it anyways so there :P (note that this isn't a cute silly stuck out tongue it's a smart assed I don't care what you think tongue.)

Anyways, here they are The Civil Wars with their song "Barton Hollow"

The end where I begin.

Hey all so it's been quite a while since I have blogged and I feel like you may be wanting an update on things so here goes.

My Bell's Palsy is officially gone as of a week or so ago. I am so stoked! I only had it for four weeks so I am not in danger of a relapse and also the only after effect I have is a slight eye twitch which is slowly going away too :)

After a few epic hangout seshes with some old pals my mother gave me a nice talking to and basically told me to get my life together or else! So after some long thinking and hard praying (did I get that mixed up or what) I decided to ditch the YWAM idea and settled for my original thought of Medical office assistant. I start in September hopefully (just waiting for acceptance) and then life should start to get a rolling on.

On another note I did my first fashion shoot yesterday and man did I feel awkward. Modelling is one of the few careers where being tall and gangly comes in handy (score!) but I am still completely unaware of my limbs and my body so I'm not too impressed, but nevertheless the owner of RETHREADS clothing (Sue Lindgren) said she was super happy with things and continually gave me good feedback and was totally understanding keeping in mind it was my first time.

That's really about it for now, still working lots and taking things day by day.

Love you all-- Amy