Thursday, December 30, 2010

Round and round and round we go...

Last night I went to a pub for the first time. Mary and I walked in and felt extremely awkward as we had no idea what we were doing. I had one cider and felt like a complete rebel, needless to say I had some trouble relaxing in a setting like that.

We were met by our friend Chelsea who has been away for the past year galavanting in Australia, she gave us a report on her travels and we giggled away at some rather hilarious experiences.

All the while there were this table of guys sitting across from us, I had complete view and it turns out I knew them from school. They were two years older than me but I remembered them rather vividly as I had dorky school girl crushes on two of them.

As we were paying our tabs (so weird!) one of them got up with his sleeve of beer in tow and started to talk to us. The typical "Hey ladies" conversation started up and he asked us what we were all doing later. Chelsea and her two friends were going to the Garage for a concert, unfortunately I had to skip this one and told him I was going home. I'm not 100% sure what his intentions were but he didn't give up until Mary gave him the "devil eyes" and he raised his hands in defeat and went back to his bosum buddies.

Whenever a situation like that happens I always wonder what the outcome would of been if I wasn't a Christian girl. The society we live in typically views me as a prude because of the fact that I went home whereas on the other hand I would be viewed as a slut because I decided to hangout with these boys. What I hate is that in my own mind I wanted to stay and "have fun" but does being a Christian deprive you of having "fun?" Or does it just mean we are having fun and enjoying ourselves in a way that the secular world just doesn't comprehend? I'm still battling with that one myself.

As for now you can refer to me as Amy, the local prude. And frankly if Jesus is alright with that, than Jesus is alright with me.

Monday, December 20, 2010

What a fine life we are living....

So this has turned into a music review blog and I am perfectly OK with that.

Last night I embarked on another epic music adventure to see SAID THE WHALE. Peter Gardener from Forestry opened and stole my heart and peered right into the depths of my soul with his insightful lyrics that hit home and tingled every nerve in my body. For his first solo performance I was thoroughly impressed and agree with the quote "If he had Cd's I'd buy twelve" mentioned by Jake Giles.

Peter's songs were the desires of my heart put to a melody. I envy the fact that he wrote those words before I could. It was truly touching and if you ever have an opportunity to witness this man in action you should. His voice may not be the greatest on record but he makes up for it with genuine interest and gumption.

Said the whale was perfectly fantastic as I expected them to be, we got front row seats and I could smell Tyler Bancroft as he wailed on his silver sparkly guitar. After many an awesome song, a bucketful of horrid jokes, and an impromptu dance sesh to "Camilo" we received two encore songs, one of them to be "Curse of the Currents" which happens to be one of my favourite songs. Ben took the reigns on this one and just strum and sang in the most natural way. I took up the invitation to sing along and had eye contact with Ben for a few cherished minutes as we sang our "duet." He smiled and I knew that this would be stored in my memory bank under "life defining moments"

We got our Cd's signed and had a nice chat with the boys before we ended our evening, I cannot put to words how grateful I am that we can experience these songs in a venue like the one we have, in our little cow poke town. I cherish it immensely.

The future belongs to me, and I belong to you.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

I used to be so young, how did I get so old?

So basically my birthday was the best thing ever, I cannot even put to words right now for there were so many golden moments and my mind is just overloading. Singing with Dan Mangan was basically the coolest. This is a video of the song

We weren't as good as this, but in my heart we were definitely better.
Thanks to all of you who made this night possible, and for being there to relish in the glory with me.