Friday, August 26, 2011

Do you feel it?

The week I am bout to embark on is going to be monumental my dear mates.

When I arrive to work today I am going to be greeted by a friend from high school who I have not seen in person in 2 years. Wow, we used to be rather inseparable and it is going to be so grand to see her gorgeous face.

"Jesse- rose has a nose, it turns me on...."

Ha! After I work my shift I will be going to an epic dinner with some pals before we embark on a concert at the one and only Duncan Garage Showroom. We will be entertained by some local buds "Smalltown Villains" in which my friend Sam will be making an appearance, then some Christopher Arruda, finally to finish the night with some old high school companions "Redwood Green." Nevertheless today is going to be abfab.

After a sleepless night of anticipation and waiting ALL DAY to depart I will be at Imadene at 7 pm to live a week that I will never forget, and hopefully for my cabin full of girls, it will be equally great.

This is Good moments are about to be lived to the fullest, can ya dig it?

Much love and endless summer- Amy

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Just to be with you....

As we stood outside Just Jakes last night, gathered around our dear friend, praying openly in the downtown core, I couldn't help but think This is good.

Our dearest friend Cassia will be leaving soon to go back to school and for the majority of us it was the last time seeing her. Lucky enough for me I have a whole week of her to grow closer in our relationship (if that's possible) and to grow closer to God with one another.

I was reading over the details for the week and we are required to bring a "Hollywood wear" outfit for a special event night, this entails us dressing up as our favourite classic Hollywood character. Things that come to mind are Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, James Bond and the like but let me tell you dear blog readers what we shall be dressing up as....

Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar.

That's right my friends, Wayne's world.


Now growing up in the Pickard household this was and is a staple in our movie watching routine, my sister and I can recite the whole movie and with her having glasses he is usually Garth and I her pal Wayne, but for the first time, I shall play the role of the socially awkward yet equally excellent Garth, SHA- WING.

So as I was getting my flannel and Rolling Stones tee to accompany me to camp I realized I have completely over packed as I am well known for doing (I even cut out a few items and it's still ridiculous) I just like to have everything I could possibly need.

If you are going to be at Imadene this coming week and need an extra tee, pair of socks, or even a pair of purple sweatpants (yes I packed them) come on over cause I have enough to share.

Much love and potential wardrobe changes- Amy

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Oh my goodness gracious dear friends, camp will commence in 9 DAYS!!

I cannot contain the excitement, I squeal, I giggle, I even bust out a little dance because not only will I be at camp with a bunch of radtastic people, a little someone is possibly joining me there! I'll let you ponder that for a moment.... ok it's Cassia! The number one mentioned person on the blog other than myself a.k.a my bestest bosum buddy, my bro-cha-cha, my sister in Christ, my love.

I kept mentioning to her that camp still needed a few cabin leaders (and still does, 1 guy, 1 girl, lemme know if you wanna do it!) in the hopes that maybe the idea would creep inside her and irk at her until she couldn't resist. Looks like my manipulation skills are rather great.

Insert girly squeal here.

I seriously cannot wait to start packing, but I am putting it off because last year I packed two weeks early and had nothing to wear! Who am I kidding, I had tons to wear, but anywho I'm legit stoked.

Also rather happy that I won't be spending my days wasting away under the bead tent.

Snaps to that!

Much love and friendship bracelets- Amy

Saturday, August 13, 2011

A reflection of you....

Wow, I cannot be more surprised by the total change of heart that I have had in these past 72 hours. The glory of the Lord has been revealed to me and the power of prayer has once again proven so much stronger than anything.

"I come empty handed ready to see, your life in me changing who I've been, to who I need to be"

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I must confess...

I've been in a weird mood lately, I feel as if I am happy and truly as I feel this way there is an underlying film of bitterness and jealousy that coats everything and leaves it's residue behind on every moment and every thought. My mind is being twisted from the happy thought that is initially brought forth to something darker, misconstrued, and not of my own being.

I fully think that I am under attack right now.

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." Ephesians 6:12
I recently finished reading "the screwtape letters" and I feel like that is what this is, he is grasping at every possible "in" and using whatever he can to bring me down and to seperate me from God. Well I'm on to it.
Here's to fighting back!

There's a degree of difficulty...

Some people
Charles Bukowski

some people never go crazy.
me, sometimes I'll lie down behind the couch
for 3 or 4 days.
they'll find me there.
it's Cherub, they'll say, and
they pour wine down my throat
rub my chest
sprinkle me with oils.

then, I'll rise with a roar,
rant, rage -
curse them and the universe
as I send them scattering over the
I'll feel much better,
sit down to toast and eggs,
hum a little tune,
suddenly become as lovable as a
overfed whale.

some people never go crazy.
what truly horrible lives
they must lead.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm calling out, light the fire again...

Last night at bible study we were given the task of spending half an hour in solitude to attempt to hear from God.

If you know me at all (if you read this blog you probably do) you understand that this is not my fortè.

As a person with verbal A.D.D. (and prob some of the actual disease running around inside of me) I cannot sit still and shut my brain off very easily. Songs start running through my head, images of people (boys), and the random fake conversation just take over and to silence them is not easy.

But last night was a small success as I was guided to a passage and felt like it related to what I am going through.

I opened my bible to Mark 4 and was met by The Parable of the Sower. If you attend church you have probably heard this Parable many times, it's about a farmer who scatters seeds and some lands on the path and the birds come and eat it, some falls on the shallow soil and although it springs up quickly it then gets scorched by the sun. Others fall among the thorns and although it grows up it is choked out by the weeds and does not produce grain, but nevertheless some falls among the good soil and grows and produces crop in multitude.

It then goes on to describe how people fit in to these categories and although I'd like to say I'm among the good soil, I'm not. I'm among the thorns, verse 18 and 19 say "Still others, like seed sown among the thorns, heard the word; 19 but the worries of this life, the deceitfulness of wealth and the desires for other things come in and choke the word, making it unfruitful."

Further along in "A Lamp on a Stand" it says in verse 21 "Do you bring a lamp to put it under a bowl or a bed? Instead don't you put it on its stand? For whatever is hidden is meant to be disclosed and whatever is concealed is meant to be brought out into the open."

Until we got together with someone and shared what was revealed to us I had not even made the connection that I was doing this mere hours beforehand. I was sitting in the living room waiting for my ride and highlighting verses in my bible. Mom comes along and asks what I was doing and I was immediately closed off and didn't want to tell her. My own mother, who is a christian, I was too intimidated to share a simple bible verse with her, I told her it was none of her business. It has a lot to do with the dynamic between my mother and I but I find it is spreading out in to my daily life too. I find I am too scared to speak out, to use my voice, that I am being choked out by those around me.

If you're reading that you are probably like what? For I am not a quiet person, I am never at a loss for words, but my obnoxious, loud rants are superfluous and without meaning and are never what I am really wanting to say.

Further still in chapter 4 it says "Why are you so afraid, do you still have no faith?" v 30

This question is sitting heavy on my heart.

Yes I have faith, although it's not dead, it's definitely on life support, being aided by the great christian friends I have, living vicariously through their actions, sitting on the edge, not diving in with everything it has.

In James 2:14 it asks the question "What good is it my brothers if a man claims to have faith but has no deeds? Can such faith save him?"

If you read on the answer is obviously no, so what do we do about it?

Much love and new pondering- Amy

Monday, August 8, 2011

... I am washed by the water.

Precious Jesus, I am ready, to surrender every care...
Yesterday was a beautiful day in so many ways, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, and I witnessed eleven people get baptized. My heart was so overwhelmed with joy that I could not stop weeping. I just kept thinking of how close I am to experiencing that same defining moment in my own life.

My bestest bud Cassia who has been mentioned on This is Good many a time decided to "take the plunge" so to speak and I was an utter wreck. The two of us are known for being the "criers" of the group and we did not let anybody down. Thank goodness for my sunnies or everyone really would have stared. As we embraced I couldn't help thinking this is so much better than anything, so much bigger than "This is Good."
The pastor then asked if anyone else, being able to answer the three questions with their whole heart, was ready to be baptized. Another one of our girls ran forward already wearing her bathing suit under her clothes to declare that Jesus is Lord! Crying as she exclaimed Yes to all three questions Jesus shined through her and witnessed to all of us.

The most touching moment for me was when our buddy T, who recently returned to the Lord and has had a total 180 switch in his life, got baptized by his Dad. I completely lost it. It was the most beautiful thing, having a "Prodigal son" vibe it moved me to tears while at the same time brought a beaming grin to my face.

Praise the Lord!

Much love and eternal life! Amy

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

You put the happy in my ness....

Hey all so I know I haven't blogged in what seems like forever thus I don't even know where to begin. Things have just been so good lately, happier, fluffier almost that I feel like I don't have anything of substance to share with you.

Last friday I got a tattoo, I was so stoked and it was rather spur of the moment although I had been wanting it forever. I don't have a camera so I can't take a picture :( tsk tsk I know but I will get to it I swear! It says "Shake the Dust" from the spoken word poem by Anis Mojgani. The words that he speaks just hit right at home with me and everytime I hear it I get chills, it also has a double meaning with forgiveness by shaking the dust and moving on. Funniest thing right now "Shake it up" by The Cars is playing on the radio haha.

Other than that I had the priveledge of attending a fantastic birthday party with marvelous friends on Saturday that was so great. We went on a scavenger hunt all around town and got ridiculous prizes as in MONEY! We got paid to go to a birthday?! Crazy.
(These girls have epic party hats ---->)

Sunday the Alliance church (which I know attend) had a joint outdoor service with the Pentacostal across the street. We did it right in the parking lot with everyone mixed with one another and it was the raddest thing. Ignoring doctrine and denomination we just simply praised our Lord and Father as one body, the body of Christ. I was suprised by some faces that were in attendance and my heart was filled with so much joy as I realized how blessed I am to be surrounded by such great people who's hearts beat for the Lord.

Now I've just been working, I am hanging out with Dad in half an hour or so, should be good. I haven't seen him in a while and truth be told I do miss him.

The countdown for Senior Co-Ed is totes on as there is only 24 more days til I am at camp, and then only 28 days til I'm baptized!! Words cannot explain the feelings running through my body.

I'll leave you with some tunes to carry you through the morning,

Much love and Blake's new face- Amy