Sunday, October 31, 2010

You are God above all, yet You call me your friend?

Hey there, so today instead of going to Cobble Hill baptist for my regular sunday morning service I went to City Gate Church with Marissa. The only details I knew was that Justin Croswell was going to be speaking, and that was enough for me! So of course I went, so as a group of us are sitting in the congregation Justin is invited to get up and explain why all us young folk are here this blessed sunday. Now like I said, I thought we were there strictly to see him talk, not to do anything. But turns out we were all to get up and pray with people who wanted prayer. Now I am not the most eloquent speaker, and putting that into prayer formation I get rather tongue tied. Luckily, Marissa and I were paired up and the Lord just flowed through us and we prayed for two ladies. Then an older lady sitting in the front row asked me to sit beside her and listen to her testimony. Now the elderly people always have a hold on my heart, especially when you can see their love for the Lord, needless to say, I cried. Frankly I bawled my eyes out circa Cassia Philippson 2009. Then it was testimony time where people get up and say something great God has done for them in the week and such. A man got up and said that on friday morning he was praying to God and just listening and the Lord kept saying something about Young people and in just two days a group of ten of us were there at his church. That really struck home with me as I was actually going to go to the Alliance church this morning and by God's will I ended up there. God is so cool sometimes and I love the fact that he calls me his own, and also his FRIEND!
Just saying, that's so rad!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Make straight the paths that crooked lie, Oh Lord before these feet of mine

Hello world, so my meeting went really well and I have decided to take (drumroll please) Medical Office Assistant, I know it sounds really lame but it's something practical to take to earn some money until I have funds to take some writing courses and maybe some teaching, we'll see. But it's a bonus because Marissa took the same course and she can help me out (for those of you who know marissa :P) anyways yeah. Today I'm hanging with Dad again, things have been going really well and I hope they continue to improve. Also the girls at study have really been praying for me and Allison and our relationship is getting so good too, she actually asked me if I wanted to get a place with her! So that's a really comforting feeling to know that she may like me again haha. Ultimate frisbee tonight, so stoked, cause it's all wet and gross out and it'll be a total gong show! Well that's the update for now, miss you guys
xoxo Yams

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Today I choose....

Hey everyone, so today I am having a meeting at VIU to sign up for some courses. I am scared out of my wits end and I have no idea why, I mean it's a class for goodness sakes, right? Well we'll see what happens on that, but on another note I was in the library yesterday and was looking through an old notebook from highschool. Sometimes I get these couplets that pop in my head and I write them down hoping to put them in to a poem or song later on. Well I found one yesterday and saw that I hadn't finished it yet... so I did :) I thought I would post it and I know it seems slightly depressing but we all have those days so don't be worried about my mental state or anything like that alright? Love you all so so much! And I'll fill you in on the school thing tomorrow <3

my black and white rules are fading to grey

no longer watching from the sidelines, but I still don't want to play

Not quite at zero but nowhere near a ten

trying to find the answers through the ink inside my pen

but the words they are not coming and there ain't no reason why

I feel the way I do, but the meaning is implied

searching for the things that used to bring me joy

eager for an ending to this tired ploy

days are fading into nights and nothing seems to change

I'm stuck inside this rut and getting out seems out of range

hopeless is an understatement and I'm feeling rather low

drowning all my sorrows in soy milk and whole grain cheerios

the answer to this problem is extremely hard to find

especially when the source seems to be all humankind

maybe if I end it I'll be in a better place

cause then I'll see my Maker, in all His glory, face to face

But this is not a death wish, nor a random work of art

for dying is too easy, and living on earth is the hard part.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Welcome to the start

Hey everyone, so this is my blog. I always thought about having a blog and have recently been reading friends and thought "why the heck not." So here it is, basically this is going to be about all the experiences in my life that I think are "good" or worthy of being told. It will keep you updated on things that I am doing, and hopefully, in my wording of said experiences, you can feel the same feelings I did. Comments are encouraged and I hope that this blog will shed some light on who I am and where I find joy. Much love to you all