Friday, July 15, 2016

I wasn't looking for this; but now it's in my way...

Well we are officially done our second week of camp and what a whirlwind it has been.  I'm not going to lie that it doesn't exaclty feel like camp for me.  Maybe it's that I'm in the office and not fully connecting with the kids in a typical camp fashion.  But I'm enjoying myself for the most part nonetheless.

My goal this summer is to connect with one camper a week on some sort of extra special level.  So far I'm succeeding.

During junior high one; I was on stage singing in Q-Town and there was this girl right up front.  She was wearing a t-shirt that said "Ya'll need Jesus" and I was like I NEED TO KNOW THIS CHILD!
She was dancing away and singing her heart out and it was just so lovely.  I sneakily asked her cabin counsellor what her name was and decided to write her a letter for mail time the next day.  I just wrote how much she encouraged me with her free worship and her bright smile.  She then found me later in the week and said how much my note meant to her and I reiterated how much her love for Jesus encouraged me. It was a special moment.

This past week was junior high two and I must admit I was exhausted.  Last night was fireside and as I sat listening to the children share their stories of what the Lord had been doing in their lives my attention was drawn to a boy sitting by himself over on the deck.  I thought nothing of it but kept feeling this stirring within me to go sit beside him. So I did.  I simply said hey bud and said to him that he looked kind of lonely could I perhaps sit beside him? He said yes and then started to explain that it was because he didn't want to sit with everyone else on the benches.  He said it was because listening to everyone share their stories made him cry because of how hard they all have it. I giggled to myself because if you know me at all my heart just gets so overwhelmed during times like those that I just start to cry.  I myself am perfectly alright; I just feel the weight of everyone else's hurt that I can't help but release it through my eyeballs.  I told him that my normal reaction was the same as his and that he shouldn't be ashamed that the Lord gave him such a compassionate heart.  I had to leave it at that because I had to finish a quick job but that small encounter made my evening.

Trusting the Lord's pressings on my heart paid off; not only for that boy; but for me as well.

I knew that the Lord would be teaching me many things this summer; but I figured they would be the same old things I always need to re-learn.  It's been enlightening to see how far I've come and to see that there are far more things out there to discover yet.

 It's funny how the lessons that we think we need to learn we end up teaching someone else.

It's funny how the love we think we need is the love we need to give someone else.

It's funny how the things we think are funny aren't really funny at all.

And maybe that's okay.

And maybe I don't know.

All in all; this is good -- xx-A

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